List of Top 10 Cat Names For Girls

most common girl cat names


Top Cat Names For Girls


How and where to find top cat names for girls?

Below you can find a list of cool cat names:

1. CHLOE (Origin: Greek) – Kittens named Chloe are a lot of times larger breed cats with quite loving and loving characters. They look to please & are likely to be very “care-free”. Meaning: fresh young blossom or Greek Shoot.

2. LILY (Origin: Latin) – This name is related with those cats which are very agile & dainty. Cats named Lily tend to jump on stuff, transverse desks with objects loaded on it & not once knock anything down. They’re sweet cats & at most of the times bonded to the women in their homes. Meaning: a lovely flower.

3. BELLA (Origin: Italian) – They’re often small & nice-looking. They are normally very graceful & agile. Maximum Bella’s seem to be very faithful to their owners & are accustomed to being spoiled. They love to be fussed over with nail painting, being dressed up, or grooming. Their favored color is pink. Meaning: Beautiful.

4. LUCY (Origin: Latin) – This name is often given to spoiled kittens. They are loved & given plenty of time and attention. Most of these are smart pets and decent problem solvers. They stay alert & nothing gets over them without them understanding what it actually is. Most of these cats are called as “beautiful”. Meaning: Learning & Light.

5. LOLA (Origin: Spanish & English) – Cats called Lola are often friendly & thoughtful. They often assess the situation prior to just jumping in. They’re loveable. Meaning: “sorrows”, a term taken from a label of the Virgin Mary.

6. SOPHIE (Origin: Greek)–Sweet & Sincere are the 2 words which are often used to refer to Sophie’s. They could be creative & like playing for most of the times. They are friendly cats & love your company more than the company of other kittens. Meaning: Wisdom.

7. LUNA (Origin – Latin/Italian) – Cats with the name Luna are often mysterious & very calm. They love quietness & serenity. Meaning “moon”. It’s also seen as a surname, at times with a prefix, for instance, Deluna or de Luna.

8. GINGER (Origin – Latin) – Ginger is amongst the most common girl cat names given to kittens which are ginger in color – a brown/red color. Irish setters, Brittany spaniels, and Golden retrievers are some of the common breeds which are named Ginger. Most of them are sweet though some of them could be selfish. They occasionally prefer to be in lone cat in the house. A lot of times, they’ve a “girl next door” look towards strangers. Meaning: Spring like; pungent or flourishing spice.

9. CALLIE (Origin: Greek) –There are numerous spellings for “Callie” like Kallie, Cali, Calli, and Kali. Most of these are calico colored – which means that they’ve 3 colors. Heritably, most all calico kittens are beautiful & female. The 3 colors make them a very striking kitten. Meaning: Most attractive.

10. ZOE (Origin – Greek)–Zoe cats are often powerful leaders. They are thoughtful & quiet. They appear like they’re reading your mind sometimes. They love your company above anything else. Meaning: Life.